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Job Profile

Our objective is to gain insight into the client's organization, history, objectives, critical needs, personalities, and other pertinent information. This will enable us to develop a profile of the type of candidate that will have the specific skills and experience necessary to be successful in the position. We obtain a complete and comprehensive analysis of the position to be filled along with an overall corporate philosophy/personality.

Candidate Search

Since solid candidates that match the search criteria are not usually actively looking, we must recruit these hard to find individuals. ISC's search of candidates starts in the target area (city where opening is located) and works outward as we broaden the search. ISC researches appropriate companies in the industry and utilizes our vast network of contacts in locating prospective candidates that match the position specifications. ISC then screens each potential individual to determine their level of interest in the position, capabilities, goals, and accomplishments in their discipline.

Client Presentation

After in-depth interviews with prospective candidates, ISC presents the resumes to the client and discusses each candidate's capabilities, achievements, personal data and other detailed information. If requested, ISC can also provide the following:
  • Reference checks
  • Degree verification
  • Testing - personality and intelligence

We will schedule and coordinate interviews between the client and candidates including debriefings.

The Offer

Our staff is highly qualified to assist with the structure of the offer, presentation of the offer and if necessary, negotiations. Based on past experiences, we have found that this can be the most critical part of the entire process. After the offer has been accepted, we keep in close contact with the candidate to help them over the inevitable hurdles that surface when making a job change. ISC will also inform the other candidates that the search has been successfully concluded.

Client Relationship

ISC is viewed as an extension of our client, and therefore adheres to a strict code of professional ethics. We will treat all information concerning the client, its organization and business plans as highly confidential. ISC will not recruit from active clients.

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