ISC of Houston, Healthcare Division

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ISC of Houston, Homebuilding Division
As executive recruiters, ISC of Houston, acts as consultants to the Healthcare and Homebuilding Industries. We have been tagged as Headhunters by some industry standards, but the word Head Hunter is the farthest thing from the truth. ISC matches up Candidate personality to Client personality or culture. We do executive search only - no outplacement or resume writing. Our Home Building search level starts at Superintendents and includes Construction Managers, Project Managers, Production Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Purchasing Managers, Estimating Managers, Operations Managers, Division Presidents and continues into the corporate organization. ISC's Home-Building clients include single family, multi-family, development, acquisition, and residential real estate on a National basis.

Our Health Care search level starts with Accountants and includes the categories of Financial Analyst, Audit, Business Office, Reimbursement, Cost, Decision Support, Managed Care, Contracting, Administrator, Executive Director, Controller, Chief Financial Officer, Department Manager and Director and continues into the corporate organization. ISC's Health Care clients includes Hospitals, Clinics, Public Accounting and Consulting firms, Corporate, Regional and Divisional Offices, Physician Practices, HMO's PPO's, and IPA's on a National basis